Easiest project in the world!

Some people dye eggs. We paint pots and plant succulents! And it is seriously the easiest project in the world. I mean it! Anyone can do this and it ends up looking awesome.

Here is what you do:

1. Grab some pots from your local craft store, hardware store, nursery, etc.

2. Pick up some acrylic paints. The cheaper the better and you don't need a lot.

3. Find some paint brushes. Don't have any, use your fingers, sponges, q-tips, lollipop sticks, leaves, napkins. Seriously, anything!

4. Go for it and just paint. Doesn't matter what you paint or what technique you use, it will end up looking awesome. I promise!

5. Let them dry - only took about 30 minutes.

6. Plant something in them! Don't want to plant anything? No prob! Just use them as decorative containers for potted plants.

The whole thing took less than an hour, including drying, planting and cleanup. We even had time for a little 2 minute paint war. Easy, right?

xoxo, Simona


freebie // now I know my abcs

Here is a freebie for you guys! An alphabet poster with a modern and sophisticated feel for your kids' rooms.


 xoxo, Simona


Holiday freebie for all the procrastinators!

Hi guys and gals!
Today we are giving a shout out to all of the holiday procrastinators. If you are still shopping and haven't even started thinking about wrapping gifts, or if you forgot to order cute labels for your gifts, then this freebie is for you!

Low maintenance and awesomely adorable printable labels!

Just download the file here, print, cut and add to your gifts!

Happy Holidays!

xoxo, Simona


Freebie // Holiday Printable 2014

All you have to do is print, sign and send. Enjoy!

<3 Maria


Starbucks Dot Collection

Just wanted to post that I am in love with this new collection from Starbucks! I'm usually not one to buy branded cups and mugs, but these are great!

I bought one this morning and am in love with it! The winking eye has been trending so heavily lately and I love how Starbucks' interpretation hints at the mermaid.

Check out the whole collection here.

They even have art prints of some of the designs and I am so tempted to buy one, but I really want to support local artists, and will hold off... for now ;)

xoxo, Simona


We've missed you!

Hi! I'm sure you noticed that we took some time off from posts on See That There. I was focusing on work, my amazingly fast growing baby (who is now 3.5!) and a few life changes. Maria has been busy taking care of her adorable new baby, Zoe and of course making updates to her amazing home (we'll post pictures of both, baby and home soon!).

But, we have also been working on a few new projects that we are so excited about!

First, we just opened up an Etsy shop with a few of our paintings and art pieces. What's different about our shop is that the goal is to make fresh, modern art affordable for all to own. These are all hand crafted pieces that have been scanned at a high resolution, enhanced in Photoshop or Illustrator and optimized to be printed as 8"x10" art pieces. The best part is they are all only $10 for the art file!

Check it out, we think you will love all the new things we are planning on releasing in the next few months. https://www.etsy.com/shop/SeeThatThere


Rearranged Master Bedroom

We've rearranged our master bedroom, and I wanted to share the changes! We decided to move the bed under the window and opted for a more modern, platform bed with extra storage. This new arrangement gives us a ton of space on the left side of the room and makes it easier to move around in the bedroom.


Kitchen Update // Two Tone Cabinets

About a year ago we updated the kitchen. We did the countertops, the lighting, all the appliances, and the floor. And it's looked like this until yesterday.


affordable art // diy geometric stamp

I saw this project by Emma Dime, and decided that, even though I've never made my own stamp, this was definitely something I could handle! All you need is a stamp carving tool and a carving block. These types of projects are great because one stamp can provide a lot of versatility. You can create art in any size, on almost an surface, and since it's a simple pattern, you can create several unique options.
I used standard water based acrylic paint and painted it on to the stamp. The key to using paint on a stamp is to make sure it's as even as possible. You don't want any globs of paint anywhere or else it will make a mess. The better way to use stamps is obviously a stamp pad, but I didn't have one large enough on hand.

This what I came up with! It's only 9x12 but I imagine it can create a lot more impact at a huge size!


stamp carving tool

carving block

acrylic paint or stamp pad

paper or canvas

I've added it to my magnetic art wall for now! Ultimately, this is where most of my art experiments end up.


Painted Door

We've been meaning to paint the front door for a really long time, and we finally got around to it yesterday! We haven't painted the outside yet, but we will eventually. Light grey walls gave us the freedom to choose any color. This color is Martha Stewart Hummingbird Blue.


iPhone Template 15

We haven't posted in a while, but we wanted to share a new template today! We've provide a printable for both iPhone 5 and 4. This template was made to fit into the clear Incase Snap Case. Enjoy!


iPhone template 14

Here is the new free printable iPhone 5 and 4 template! This template was made to fit into the clear Incase Snap Case. Enjoy!


More Free Fonts!

I found some really beautiful free fonts recently and wanted to share.

Allura: A casual script with an elegant feel.

Langdon: This well proportioned sans serif display typeface comes with drop shadow options.

Yeseva One: This serif display typeface one has great personality and details.


kitchen // done (for now)

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share the latest update to our kitchen. This will probably be the last update we'll make for while. The next big project we plan on is replacing the cabinets, but we have to save up for a while to get that done.

We finally swapped out those yellow lights that made everything yellow. We decided on these lights from Shades of Light. They're from the Young House Love collection and we love them. They are super bright, simple, and modern, which is exactly what we were looking for.

I realized that I've never shared a wide shot of the kitchen, so I'm sharing one now! What do you guys think?


Free shipping at Society6

Hi guys,

Society6 is offering free worldwide shipping on our products now through March 17th. Just be sure to enter the site from this link.

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