Easiest project in the world!

Some people dye eggs. We paint pots and plant succulents! And it is seriously the easiest project in the world. I mean it! Anyone can do this and it ends up looking awesome.

Here is what you do:

1. Grab some pots from your local craft store, hardware store, nursery, etc.

2. Pick up some acrylic paints. The cheaper the better and you don't need a lot.

3. Find some paint brushes. Don't have any, use your fingers, sponges, q-tips, lollipop sticks, leaves, napkins. Seriously, anything!

4. Go for it and just paint. Doesn't matter what you paint or what technique you use, it will end up looking awesome. I promise!

5. Let them dry - only took about 30 minutes.

6. Plant something in them! Don't want to plant anything? No prob! Just use them as decorative containers for potted plants.

The whole thing took less than an hour, including drying, planting and cleanup. We even had time for a little 2 minute paint war. Easy, right?

xoxo, Simona

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