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I saw this project by Emma Dime, and decided that, even though I've never made my own stamp, this was definitely something I could handle! All you need is a stamp carving tool and a carving block. These types of projects are great because one stamp can provide a lot of versatility. You can create art in any size, on almost an surface, and since it's a simple pattern, you can create several unique options.
I used standard water based acrylic paint and painted it on to the stamp. The key to using paint on a stamp is to make sure it's as even as possible. You don't want any globs of paint anywhere or else it will make a mess. The better way to use stamps is obviously a stamp pad, but I didn't have one large enough on hand.

This what I came up with! It's only 9x12 but I imagine it can create a lot more impact at a huge size!


stamp carving tool

carving block

acrylic paint or stamp pad

paper or canvas

I've added it to my magnetic art wall for now! Ultimately, this is where most of my art experiments end up.

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