kitchen // progress!

A few weeks ago, I posted about our kitchen and all the stuff I wanted update. Well, we are finally at the point where we are happy with the kitchen. One day we want to reface the kitchen cabinets, but that's probably going to be a future project. We want white cabinets without so much detail.

We are also replacing the light fixtures in a few days. The yellow ones we have up right now are glass pendants that I spray painted a year ago. We put them up last week and we really liked them until we realized that they make the entire room look really yellow. So we are going to replace them with these, from Shades of Light. They should be coming in the mail any day now.

We also replaced all the cabinet fixtures to brushed nickel hardware from Target.

All in all I think the kitchen looks much better now. Unfortunately, we had to keep the threshold on the floor because the kitchen floor is tile and the rest is wood veneer so the heights are different. The clear glass backsplash is much bluer than we thought it would be be, but we are still happy with it. 


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