Hand lettering :: the beginning

I have been really wanting to give hand lettering a try. I've been seeing some beautiful work lately and love that the act of hand lettering reminds me of being back in school and doodling in my notebooks.

With working full time and chasing after Mini-Man when I'm not working, I haven't had a lot of time to try it out. But, today we are home sick and while Mini-Man watches a movie, I decided to give it a try.

I only had a few minutes for each sketch since watching a movie still involves pausing every few minutes to jump on mommy, but here is what I was able to come up with. "Smile" was my first attempt. I think it came out better but looks unfinished because I was still unsure about which areas to thicken. "Hello" was my second attempt. It was done under the watchful eye of a toddler so I was nervous and rushing.

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