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I was in a DIY mood this weekend and I wanted to make some art for my guest bathroom. There is a big blank wall in there so that is the perfect place for an art gallery. I posted a few weeks ago about this beautiful bathroom, and I wanted to try create something similar.

I don't have any word art and I've been meaning to make some, but I didn't have any printable adhesive vinyl on hand. So I decided to try and make a stencil out of regular printer paper. 

The DIY portion of this is very straightforward.
  1. All I did was print the word using Serifa 
  2. I then cut out the letters and used museum hold to hold the letters down. Double sided sticky tape also would have worked, but I wanted to be able to easily reposition the letters. 
  3. Then I (very) carefully painted over the letter just enough to have black paint all around the letter 
  4. afterwards I did quite a bit of cleaning up. Paint managed to sneak under my letters, so I just used a q-tip to clean up the excess paint and then filled in the letters with white paint. 
I also really like the reverse, black letters on the white canvas, so might try another version of this at some point. 

I think the word focus is kind of funny in the bathroom. Hopefully, I'll be able to show my bathroom gallery wall soon.

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