Foxy Speaker

I listen to audio books to go to sleep, and I've been on the look out for a speaker, that didn't look like a speaker, for a really long time. The other day I  found these white "ceramic" animal speakers at West Elm for $49.99. They have a fox, a squirrel, a bear, and an owl. I really liked the owl the best, but I already have an owl on my dresser so I went with the fox! Note these aren't really ceramic, they kind of feel like a heavy duty plastic.

I kind of have a fairly tale, forest theme going on!


Winter fonts

Did you know that winter officially started on December 21st? And in honor of the start of winter, here is a fun winter font I came across called superstarlike. I love that it's a simple sans serif with just some stars embellishing it.


Gold Sharpie Paint Pen

I bought myself a gold sharpie paint pen and I've already embellished stuff around the office. I need to hide it from myself, because it's really easy to go overboard. This is what I've embellished so far. I think I'm done for now, unless I come up with some genius idea. I'll still use it on canvas of course, just not on stuff that I can possibly destroy.


Today is a special day!

It's Maria's birthday! And in honor of today and her love for owls, here is a super awesome laser-cut birthday card I came across. Happy Birthday, Maria!



I went to Renegade Fair in San Francisco this weekend and there were tons of great handmade items as usual, but I really wanted to share this. Puxxle (pixel puzzle) is art that you can make yourself! Each kit contains square vinyl adhesives and instructions, and you put the pixels together to create art!

If puzzles aren't your thing, another option is to make a pattern yourself, like this blogger did. She made a cross stitch stamp and a pattern and stamped it directly to her wall!


freebies :: holiday card

Here's a free holiday card printable for you to send to your family and friends. Just print, sign and send!

All you have to do is:

1. Buy card stock in the A6 size (4.5 by 6.25) and envelopes. We used these beautiful paper bag cards from Paper Source.

2. Print the cards

3. Sign your name

4. Send the card


Wrapping paper

I'm starting to wrap gifts and am really inspired with wrapping paper designs this year. Just wanted to share a few of my favorites.

1 octopus  //  2 faux bois  // 3 woodland animals  //  4 fawns  // 5 holiday pine  // 6 santa hat dog



I never use anything but my iPhone to check the time, but clocks are alway appealing. They're the perfect mix of typography, art and function. Here are some of my favorite clocks.

1 Moma Store, walnut desk clock | 2 Moma Store, diatomite wall clock
3 UncommonGoods, cube led alarm clock | 4 Target, raised number clock
5 Moma Store, bi - color plywood clock


Pantone announces color of the year!

Pantone just announced that Emerald is the new color of the year and we are so excited! We were thinking the new color would be a purple or a blue, but were pleasantly surprised with their selection and can't wait go shopping for Emerald things! To see the new, gorgeous color visit pantone.com and check our some awesome things we already found in the color below.

1 eye shadow | 2 emerald green maxi | 3 Asos Sweater


what's the color of the year?

Pantone is about to reveal its 2013 color of the year. I love finding out what the color is because it's fun to see it start popping up all over the place (fashion, electronics, cosmetics, etc.).

I thought it might be fun to look back at all of the old colors of the years and make a guess at what this year's will be. So what do you think?

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