gloves for today's world

Look at these fun gloves I discovered called freehands! They are perfect for those of us who need to use our touch screen phones and devices but still want to stay warm. You can find them on Fab.com today!


chalk fonts

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last year, you have noticed that chalk lettering has made a huge movement to mainstream design. For those of us who are not amazing hand letterers, I found a few chalk fonts!

1 Chalk Hand | 2 Paris Serif (Imagine this on a dark background) | 3 CPL Kirkwood


tiny wings

I'm sure many of you have played Tiny Wings. I find it hard to play this game because the graphics are so damn pretty! The only reason I try to make it to the next island is to find out what pretty world comes next! Personally, I never really look at the score.

This game is beautifully designed, so it should be no surprise that the designer, Andreas Illiger, studied graphic design. Here is a snippet from an interview he did with Flow Studio Blog.
"I studied graphic design. Music is my big passion, as a child I played a piano. I have been learning programming the whole youth because I have had really bad school experience. Computers, programming and making games was my therapy. I also do animation film and I would like to do more music… It is difficult to get focused when you have so many interests. That’s the reason why I create games. They are complex and I can merge all my skills."
The rest of the interview can be found here.

I'm hoping that they'll release some printable screen shots of this game soon, because I think they would look great framed. You can probably print very small (3x2 in) screen shots, but I'm not sure that's big enough. This game also provide some great color inspiration if you're every stuck!

Here are some screen shots.


a little shine can go a long way

Shimmer, glitter and gold accents have been popular for a while now. Although I am really growing fond of this look, I feel that sometimes too much can be overwhelming in everyday life. Here are some items that can help you introduce a little bit of shine, without overdoing it.

1 Nate Berkus pillow | 2 Hedgehog measuring cups | 3 Cheese knife set | 4 Highball glass


sonya winner rugs

I think one of the hardest things to shop for is rugs. A lot of them are ugly and the ones that aren't are expensive, or they're not the right size, or they're not the right color, or they're flat weave, etc, etc. I actually really like flat weave, because they're usually more colorful and the patterns are more intricate, but I find them difficult to clean and vacuum. And with two cats who constantly puke up hairballs, they need to be cleaned constantly.

If money wasn't an issue, I wouldn't have any trouble finding a rug. My current favorite is Sonya Winner Rugs. They're everything I want in a rug. They're bold, colorful, graphic, unique and they look soft! I'm not sure how easy they are to clean though...

From Sonya's website:
Sonya Winner creates exceptional rugs that are graphic, vibrant and highly original. Her first rug, The Kaleidoscope, caused a sensation when it first went on sale at The Aram Store in 2006, and was promptly shortlisted for an Elle Decoration award. It has been a favourite with discerning buyers, stylists and celebrities ever since.
I wish I could have one, but with prices ranging from $900 for a small 3'x3'ft all the way to $5000 for a 8' x 9' ft rug, they're way out of my price range.

1 Prism Pastels | 2 After Matisse | 3 Deep Sunset | 4 Rainbow 


bedroom with skylight

This room looks really tiny, but I have a thing for sleeping in small spaces, so I love this! This room doesn't feel overly designed, and I love that dark floor and cement wall against the all white walls. It also has my favorite features in any room, vaulted ceilings and a skylight! I love sleeping with the windows open, but I'm always a little nervous about doing it for security reasons. That wouldn't be an issue if I had a skylight.

The one thing I don't like about this room is the exposed clothes rack. I know they're really popular, but I think they look a little messy. Plus, with this room being so small, it feels a little too cluttered visually.

PS. I love how they've used that little architectural feature as a nightstand.

See the rest of this beautiful house here.


iphone template 12

Here is the new free printable iPhone 5 and 4 template! This template was made to fit into the clear Incase Snap Case. Enjoy!


gold foil duvet

I love this duvet collection! It combines modern, geometric shapes with a beautiful gold foil look. This gorgeous set will absolutely make anyone feel like modern royalty, and can be found at Urban Outfitters!


touch of color

Just wanted to share a small update. My entry had no color at all, so I painted my key holders. I love the unexpected bright green pop of color! I've been toying with the idea of painting the inside of the the door, kind of like this, but I haven't settled on a color yet.


affordable art :: electrical tape

I saw this awesome electrical tape mural on a blank wall under the escalators at Nordstrom. This is a great way to create large scale art for under $5. You can even get the tape in colors! If you're looking for more tape inspiration, check out this mural also made with electrical tape and this door.


Restoration Hardware Baby

I recently discovered that Restoration Hardware has a baby and kids' line. I know, I know...what rock have I been hiding under? But, I am so glad I made this discovery because their styling is amazing! I am so inspired by all of the kids room, I wish I was a kid again! Take a look at some of their site!

Here are a few of my favorite rooms.

I love all the details in the bedroom below. The twinkle light and the rustic dresser add such a great feel!

Who would not want this room in their house. I would definitely love this indoor camping room. How cute is it with all the stars and moon and even campfire made out of lights! I am in love with this space!


small bedroom

This house is so inspirational. They ran out of space so they added this loft area for the bed! I love quirky ideas like this. It's like an adult bunk bed, but cooler. The big huge windows make this idea possible. This wouldn't work as well in a room with small windows, it would look too claustrophobic. Check out the rest of this house here.
Designed by Jackie Ayr