art for Eli's room

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm in the middle of remodeling my son's room. We are at the point where we need to add all the touches that make the room complete. Because I am such a horrible decision maker, I am having a really hard time deciding on what art I should go with. The room is navy and light gray with a slight sky theme.

Here are some of my favorites:

Love this simple moon design

This is also a fun take on a moon

Love this print from Petit Collage

I really love narwhals!

I really like how this combines the sky with a whale (I think I'm a little obsessed with whales right now)

This one just has such a great night time feel

This Star Wars one is in the running also. Definitely influenced by my husband, but I do love the fun, vintage feel of the scene.


round up :: nightstands

Months ago I was on quest to find nightstands, until I found a way to make my own. See more on that post here. But now I'm beginning to think that it would have been best to buy my nightstands after all. I still love the way they look, but opening and closing the drawers is not easy since they are not on a track. This generally isn't a problem, but when it's 3AM and your trying to quickly grab something out of the drawer, it's not fun to say the least. I've nearly knocked the whole nightstand over pulling on that stupid drawer. It's probably my own fault, I doubt we measured correctly.

I've wanted a midcentury modern night stand for a long time and I'm very close to buying one of these. I love them both equally and I can't decide which one I want.

Left: Urban Outfitters, $219 | Right: West Elm, $249

The Urban Outfitters one definitely has more storage space, but I love the long pretty legs on the West Elm one. I've also considered not getting matching nightstand, since I have more space on my side. And then there is this option!

Ikea, $40

This isn't Mid Century Modern, but it's $40 and completely customizable! With a nice stain or a coat of white paint, this could look really nice. And, of course, I would change that knob. I was thinking a round little knob like this would be pretty. My concern with this nightstand is that my mind would probably eventually drift back to my expensive options, so I'm thinking it might be best to get what I really want. 

I'll update everyone when I finally make a decision. 


freebies :: iPhone template 11

Here is our first iPhone 5 template! From now on, we'll be making a template and the matching wallpaper. We've also included the template for the iPhone 4 in the linked PDF.

This template was made to fit into the clear Incase Snap Case. Enjoy!


DIY :: washi tape embellishments

Hi everyone, I just have a super quick DIY today. I had a little gold washi tape left over from this project, and I wanted to find a good use for it. I decided to add a little embellishment to my white chandelier!  And, as soon as I get tired of the tape, because I know I will eventually, it's really easy to peel off and try a new color!


Eli's room 2.0 (the before)

I hinted at a new project that I'm starting called Eli's room 2.0. Now as we are getting closer to finishing I would like to provide a few teasers about what we are actually doing, before we do the big reveal.

Here is what Eli's room looked like before (Please excuse the crappy photo quality - I took these with my iPhone in really bad lighting):

The idea for the updated room is a slightly more sophisticated and clean layout with a slight sky theme.

Here are a few things we will be incorporating into the final layout:

Clockwise from the top left:
1. Under the Stars nightlight from Land of Nod
2. LUNS Writing/magnetic board from Ikea
3. Star sheet set from Pottery Barn Kids
4.ARÖD Floor/reading lamp from Ikea
5. Solsta sofa bed from Ikea
6.BEKVÄM Spice racks from Ikea

I'm hoping to be done in a week or two. One weekend room remodels can't happen anymore now that my son is a toddler and wants to help :)


splurge/steal :: duvets

As I was shopping for my West Elm duvet, I came across quite a few similar duvet covers at drastically different prices and I wanted to share a few of them here. Granted, I'm sure the quality is also drastically different, but if your just going for the look, it might be worth trying out some cheaper options. All of the prices are for a Queen size bed.

$69 Target | $119 West Elm

There was a lot of options for pin tuck duvets.  These two are SO similar, that's it's hard to see a difference (although I'm sure you can feel the difference.)

$69 West Elm | $29 Target

These two are pretty much the same. I'm sure the quality of the West Elm one is better, but I think that I would probably choose the Target duvet in this case. The price is too good. The Target duvet also comes in gray and pink.

$89 Urban Outfitters | $378 Anthropologie

I love the painterly quality of both of these duvets. Although I prefer the the colors in the Anthropologie duvet, I prefer the pretty scene of Urban Outfitter's.

$310 Dwell Studio | $89 Urban Outfitters

I've been seeing scallops everywhere lately. Dwell's duvet has a lot more detail but I tend to prefer bright color, so in this case, I prefer the Urban Outfitter's one.

$179 Crate and Barrel | $29 Ikea

So these aren't exactly the same, but both have asymmetrical squares that create texture. I guess this one would come down to which colors your preferred (I prefer Ikea's colors), but in terms of design I honestly like them pretty equally.

What do you guys think? Would you go for the splurge or the steal?


DIY :: color block magnets

Here's a really fun and easy project that can be done in 15 minutes! It was inspired my Maria's affordable art project and my hatred of tacky refrigerator magnets.

You just need a few things:
  • paint in a few different colors 
  • wood squares or circles 
  • sticky magnets 
  • foam brush 
  • craft tape 

Tape off some areas on your wooden shapes.

Apply paint to the sections created by the tape.

Let dry, remove the tape and stick on the magnets to the back.

And you are done!
Love the modern feel of these! And in case your are wondering, the photo below was taken by the amazing Heather Gray.


fontastic wednesday!

It's been a while, but here are my favorite fonts for this month. And be sure to scroll down for my selected FREE font favorites.

Rough Riders: This is a great alternative to the highly overused Rosewood font. I can see this looking great on a holiday card.

Montague Script: Love the handwritten nature of this font. Flows really nicely and feel elegant at the same time.

Hummingbird: This is a great casual script font. Has a lot of personality, but still transitions very smoothly.

Volterra: I love the use of negative space to finish the letters. Really well executed.


Florum Ipsum

CK Cursive

Particulator II

Lane Posh


round up :: burgundy is the new black

I just love that Burgundy is the new black for this Fall season. It is such a rich color that can enhance all skin tones and a great alternative to navy (the "black" from a few seasons ago).

Here are some great ways burgundy can be introduced to your life without overwhelming.

Nail polish: Love this OPI color called Black Cherry Chutney.

Shoes: Boots or flats, burgundy gives just enough of a color interest without overwhelming.

Pants: I will definitely be getting these cords from J. Crew!


bedroom update

I just wanted to share my latest room update! I finally bought this duvet from West Elm, that I've been eyeing for over a year. I really love my yellow duvet cover, but I thought that the bed could use a more sophisticated or subdued look since my walls are a fairly bright blue/green color. So I went with my go-to color, gray. Currently the only neutrals I really like are gray and white. I despise tan and I think black is a little too dark, so I always end up at gray. I might be overdoing it, actually, but I love it so much.

I didn't want to end up with chevron again, but it was too nice to pass up. I also considered this swiss dot one, but decided it against it....for now. I might get it in the future. Maybe for Christmas (Mom, are you reading this? I like that swiss dot duvet.)

Aren't these tags great! I love how they're stitched. Behind the flap there are care instructions, etc. When I saw this tag, this photo popped into my head. The mini bed with the big bed in the background. Here is the duvet I was using before.

Anyhow, I think it looks great!


freebies :: skeleton keys

The skeleton key trend seems to be dying or maybe it's dead, but I found these keys that I had made a long time ago for a card...I think. I can't exactly remember why I made these, but I think they're pretty cute so I whipped up a quick printable. Hope you guys like it!


affordable art :: children's books

For mini-man's first birthday, we received 2 copies of Where the Wild Things Are. I love this book and the illustrations and was super excited to be able to share it with Eli. But, I didn't need 2 copies. I was planning on taking one back to the store (but what store did it come from and when will I have time?). It was laying around for a few months when a super amazing idea hit me!

I will not let it go to waste, I will make art out of it! And that is what I did. Looks amazing and was super affordable.

It would be really fun to do this with some really old (maybe damaged or too delicate to read) vintage children's books.
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