freebies :: iPhone template 10

Here is our iPhone template for this month! We're waiting on specs for the iPhone 5, once we have it, we'll start making templates for that phone also. Hope you guys like it!

This template fits perfectly in the iLuv case and the Incase case.


a snippet of inspiration :: paper

I took these photos of Paper while I was still in Hong Kong. I noticed this store only because it was really cool. I didn't particularly love the tshirt design, but the way they were presented made me stop and look (and consider buying something.) The shirts looked important! The store was all shiny white with the shirts hanging from the ceiling from bright orange/red cords. To the left they had all their tshirt designs framed on a shelf, so that you can see everything easily.

I didn't ask for any sizes, but I assume you give them your size and the design you want and they get it for you. If I ever have a tshirt store or any kind store front, I'm going to use this place as inspiration! My favorite part was the chandelier of light bulbs. I want something like that for my dining room!


round up :: plates

I have been dreaming about remodeling my kitchen for quiet some time now. Probably since we bought the house 3 years ago. There is a lot that will need to go into the remodel - new cabinets, countertops, floors, backsplash, paint, etc. And even though I love picking all that stuff, what I am really obsessing over today, is what plates will I get when I have new new kitchen. Not logical at all, but so much fun to look. Below are some fun ones I have come across:

anthropologie : swirled symmetry dinnnerware | kate spade : wickford sea cliff stripe tidbits

target : coral stripe dinner plate | neiman marcus : "jungle" dinnerware

west elm : potter's workshop | crate and barrel : myro


DIY :: washi tape art

This DIY is not revolutionary, but I've been meaning to try and make something with washi tape for a long time. I finally got around to it today!

The instructions are pretty straight forward.

1. Align your tape and then continue to align your tape in different directions.
2. Go through with an xacto and ruler and cut off the excess tape. Make sure to cut on the seams so that you don't cut any of the tape you want to keep. When your cutting your tape, make sure to push gently so that you don't cut through your canvas. It does't take a lot of pressure to cut the tape.
3. If you want, leave a bit of a gap where the colors join so that the lines can be more prominent.

I put my canvas on my little shelf above the couch, and as I was taking pictures, my other kitty,  Ekina made her first blog appearance! She's not as curious as Kai and doesn't come around as often when I'm taking pictures.

This project only took about 20 minutes! What do you guys think?


affordable art :: gift bags

Have you ever walked through a store and thought "That is a gorgeous gift bag (or wrapping paper), I wish I had a reason to buy it right now"?

Here is your reason: Turn it into affordable art.

I was shopping at Cost Plus World Market the other day and stumbled upon this super cute collection of woodland gift bags. Right away I knew that they would look awesome in my son's room, and that this would be the most inexpensive and easy project ever! Check it out!

Step one: Purchase bag. I bought this jumbo one for $4.99.

Step two: Cut up the section you want to frame

Step three: Put in frames (I had some lying around) and you are done!


DIY : color block bracelets

Today I have another super simple DIY. I was looking for something else to with the embroidery thread that I used in this project, and I came up with this idea.

I bought a waxed cord and clasp set at Michaels for around $2.50 with a 50% off coupon. I really like simple, colorful jewelry, and I never had the patience to make friendship bracelets. I've tried several times in my life and I always make a mess of it. I'm too impatient! So this was a good way to get that look, in minutes. I think each bracelet took me less than 8 minutes each.

All I did was wrap the embroidery thread around the waxed cord as tightly as possible, and then use Mod Podge glue to make sure the ends stay down.

I used three strands of the thinner cord in one of the bracelets and went with a single strand for the other two. This is another method I've seen for wrapping stuff with embroidery thread, it takes a lot more time, but the result is pretty cool.


Happy Apple Day!

In my mind it is already an international holiday. Whenever Apple announces its new products, the internet goes wild as we all anxiously await what surprises they have in store.

We are definitely not shy about proclaiming our love for all things Apple and are especially excited with the new iPhone coming out.

We will be creating new iPhone case templates for the iPhone 5 as soon as we can, but will continue to create the iPhone 4 versions, as well!

We'll have another post for you later today, but just wanted to say happy Apple Day this morning!


splurge/steal :: knobs

My friend just bought a house and was telling me about what she wants to do to her new kitchen. This brought me back to the days of when I first bought my house. It was so exciting and I was so inpired to start whatever project I came up with. (This was before I knew about how much sweat and tears went into each project).

But, I did remember that there are few things that can be done to make a big difference to a space. Changing the knobs on your kitchen cabinets or an old dresser is an instant update that takes very little labor.

Anthropologie is probably my favorite place to look at gorgeous knobs, but they can get pretty pricey (especially if you need a lot). I went searching elsewhere and look what I discovered! You can get pretty much the same thing, for a much lower price!

Love how fresh these glass knobs look! The knob on the left is $8 for one, the knobs on the right are $15.96 for a set of 4!

The lace topped knob is on the left is $10 each, while the one on the right is only 7.98 for a set of 2!

these animal knobs are so fun! The rabbit on the left is $12 for one, the owls on the right are $7.98 each.

I love these colorful knobs. The one of the left is $8 for one, the knobs on the right are $15.96 for a set of 4!


round up :: quest for the perfect dining chair

A while back I was shopping for modern dining chairs for my little dining table, and I became somewhat obsessed with modern dining chair shopping. If money wasn't an issue, and I could splurge on any chair, it would be these Eames Chairs at DWR. But since I was looking for 6 chairs and each one was $400.00, I decided that wouldn't (couldn't) spend $2,400 on dining chairs

I always find the name of this store kind of ironic, Design Within Reach. Personally I think most of their stuff is way out of my reach. I'm sure I'm not the first person to say that. Anyhow there were plenty of knock off options for these chairs (like the ones below), but they weren't getting great user reviews, so I didn't want to risk it.  Plus, I didn't like the idea of saying I had fake Eames Chairs. These chairs are from Overstock.

Instead I focused on chairs that had a similar aesthetic, but weren't nearly as expensive. I narrowed it down to what I really loved about the chairs, which was the molded plastic and unique legs. I really like the contrast of the plastic, metal and wood.

Naturally, Ikea was the first place I checked. I found six pretty good options, and they were much more affordable.

The Tobias and Erland were nice in person. The Tobias chair was also, really, really heavy, so I took that to mean it was quality. That said, I don't think $79.99 is that cheap for a chair that I didn't love. The Erland is nice too, but I wasn't crazy about the legs. I liked the legs better on the Tobias. My least favorite is the Gilbert, but the price is right, and it was pretty comfortable. Of course, all of these are missing the awesome wooden legs.

The Bernhard, Martin and Vilmar are more of the bent plywood look, but the aesthetic is pretty similar.

I actually really loved the Bernhard chair, but I thought $150 was a little too much for it. I'm actually still checking craigslist occasionally to see if I can find these chairs for a little cheaper. The martin chair is VERY well priced, but I just didn't like it in person. It kind of felt cheap. The Vilmar chair had the wooden element, but I just wasn't crazy about the shape.

CB2 also has a lot of beautiful dining chairs, but they're not nearly as cheap as Ikea.

I really liked all three of these chairs, but I preferred the legs on the Echo White Chair. The Petit Bar Stool has those wooden legs, but they're stools so those wouldn't work for the dining table, plus they're pretty pricey. I didn't expect to find anything affordable here but I went to the local CB2 store to check them out anyway.

When I got there I discovered that they were having a floor sale! AND.....the echo white chair was one of the chairs on sale! They had three chairs, I needed at least four, preferably six, but I needed to make some compromises. Two of the chairs were on sale for $40 and the the other was on sale for $60. The two $40 dollar chairs had barely noticeable scratches on the back, the $60 dollar chair had even less noticeable scratches. So, I decided that I would buy one chair at full price, $90 and the other three on sale. So the grand total for 4 chairs was $230 (40 + 40 + 60 + 90), which made each chair $57.50!

I had planned on getting two more non matching chairs for the ends of the dining table, but when I put the chairs in the room, I realized that I liked the way the table looked with 4 chairs. So I got two cheap fold up chairs at IKEA so that I can have seating for six when I need it.  I keep them in the closet when they're not in use. (More on those fold up chairs later, I'm in the process of giving them a paint job)

So, all in all,  I'm happy with my chairs. In my opinion though, nothing compares to those Eames Chairs. Maybe one day...


freebies :: iPhone wallpaper

I don't know why we didn't think about this before, but we decided to give away the coordinating wallpapers for our iPhone templates! We probably aren't going to make wallpapers for all our templates, but we plan on going back and making a few for some of our previous freebies. So, here is our first wallpaper! It matches last Friday's template.

If you haven't checked out Friday's post, check it out soon, because we are hosting our first giveaway and it ends September 7th.

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