freebies :: iPhone Template 8

Here are some watercolor templates! And don't forget to check out our other templates.

This template fits perfectly in the iLuv case and the Incase case. I'm sure it would fit in other clear cases also, but these are the two cases that we've tested.


saw this here: Haand

Look at what I discovered! These amazing bowls, plates and cups are from a company called Haand and are all handmade in an old farmhouse in North Carolina. I love the combination of organic lines, handmade feel and modern shapes. Owning these would fuel my dream of living in a farm house while still being in the center of town.

Added bonus: they are also all available on fab.com today!

Aren't they gorgeous?


a snippet of inspiration :: beautiful accents

There are a few companies that are really great at taking the look and feel of their brick and mortar stores and creating amazing catalogs and inspiring website experiences with it. Free people is one of these brands. Their latest look includes gorgeous hand-painted floral designs all throughout their catalog, website landing pages and even some product images. I especially love this new campaign they are doing because it features one of my very favorite artists, Stina Persson. I mentioned how much I love her work in an earler post.

Check out the site to see how they used this beautiful technique.


saw this here :: Renegade Fair

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend, Renegade Fair was in San Francisco and as usual, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I wanted. I walked up and down the aisle a million times because I was paranoid that I was missing something. In the end I only bought this necklace from Son of a Sailor, because I'm indecisive and  I couldn't follow through on anything else.

Luckily all of these shops also have online shops, so I'll have to visit them there. As I was walking around I took some pictures of my favorite shops.

Son of a Sailor
I've always loved this shop, but this is the first time I saw their stuff in person. It's even better in person!


This one of Simona's favorite jewelry shops. They make jewelry with messages in morse code! They will even make custom orders so you can choose your own message.

I love those animal drawings, especially the antelope. I love foxes and owls as much as the next person, but it's nice to see a not so common animal drawing.

Molly M Designs =
I've come across this designer in a few blogs, and her work is impressive, but it's even more impressive in person. I love color and pattern and this is the best of both!

I love this designer's fabrics! I wanted to buy something so badly, but they only had very small coin purses when I got there. I'm going to keep checking their shop for larger bags.

Odd Fauna

Odd Fauna creates whimsical animals and monsters. She makes both prints and sculptures. I bought a sculpture from Odd Fauna at a previous renegade fair. This is the one I bought.


This artist had amazing, painted wooden jewelry. I especially loved the wooden bangles!


a snippet of inspiration :: target art

Target is full of unexpected treats! I love this poster I spotted near the ice cream freezer at target. The colors are fresh and summery and I love that swoopy font! The font is Susa Bold. I think the little cart is such a clever way to add the Target logo into the poster without beating you over the head with it. I wonder what Target does with their posters after they're done using them...

UPDATE: This poster and the rest of the target summer 2012 design was led by Allan Peters who is a Senior Art Director at Target. Check out more on his blog


fontastic day!

Here are some gorgeous new fonts I have seen this month. And don't miss the free font at the bottom.


i love...angular rooms

When I first started house shopping the ceiling was the least of my worries. I didn't even consider it (other than avoiding popcorn ceilings that might contain asbestos). When we bought our home, I loved the vaulted ceiling, but I didn't realize how much I more I would love living with it.

Now I seem to have a thing for interesting roof lines and I always find myself collecting photos of rooms with unique ceilings. The roofs create so much visual interest that they are art in themselves. I think I have an unhealthy obsession with these rooms. Check out my previous post.

Sanctuary House in Denmark via decoist
If this house wasn't amazing enough, the view is a beautiful ocean view. Check out the rest of the house at decoist.

Summer House via Bo Bedre
This house looks clean and modern on the inside, but wait until you see the outside! I love the ladder leading into the bedroom, it's almost like your going to sleep in a tree house. Check out the rest of the house at Bo Bedre.

via Jaren 30 Villa
This bathroom is unbelievable. The rest of the house is also amazing, but the bathroom is my favorite part; it looks like origami! Check out the rest of the house here.


i love...shopping for a MacBook Pro case

It has been 7 years since I bought myself a new laptop. I got my last one when I was still in college, but, because my "vintage" PowerBook will not turn on anymore and I had a birthday coming up, I decided to treat myself to a new Macbook Pro (not THE NEW Macbook Pro, but just the 13" one).

So deciding on a new laptop and buying is was easy. Now comes the hard part...I need a case for it and I can't decide what to get!

Here are some awesome cases I came across recently. What do you guys think?

Love the stripes and pop of color on this sleeve found on etsy.com:

Great pattern on this bag found on etsy.com:


How awesome and funny is this handmade case I found on Etsy?

Check out this beautiful bag from Incase:

Love the extra pockets you get with this bag from Speck:


DIY bag update

I found this $6 pleather bag at Nordstrom Rack and I thought this would be a good opportunity to try and give the bag an update. There were two colors a greenish grey and a tan one. I decided to go with the grey one, but I may go back for the other color also and see what happens when I dye it.

Since the bag is only $6, I figured I wouldn't waste too much money if I messed it up. After a few failed attempts at drawing on it with a sharpie, I decided to use this fabric and glue it to the pleather with Mod Podge. It's definitely not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with the result.


freebies :: iPhone template 7

Enjoy! And don't forget to check out our other templates.

This template fits perfectly in the iLuv case and the Incase case. I'm sure it would fit in other clear cases also, but these are the two cases that we've tested. 


new bedroom art

I've been looking around for larger art to put in my bedroom. This wall is visible from the living room, so I wanted to have something special on the wall. Before we had a very tiny piece of art that was barely visible. (see below)

This art, Gemplex from Society 6, is a little more appropriate for the space. In hindsight, I probably could have gone even bigger, but this works for now. I really like the idea of using Ixxi to make something HUGE, but I haven't thought of anything I want to try yet. I think covering that entire wall would look great!

The view from the hallway is my favorite!


honeycomb shelves for free!

The other day I was Foot Locker while Jon shopped for shoes and I noticed some modern, white glossy shelves. They were a temporary, promotional display for a pair of New Balance shoes. I worked at Foot Locker years ago (that's where I met Jon) and I knew that they normally throw those displays away after they were done with them. These shelves weren't cheap shelves. They are a very thick, glossy, plastic in the shape of a honeycomb! So, I decided to ask for the shelves when they were done with them. I really didn't expect to get them, I figured an employee would have claimed them first, but to my surprise they had three extra honeycomb shelves in the back room! And they gave them to me! They also had some teeny, tiny honeycomb shelves that I might check back for.

So we took the shelves home, wiped them down, removed the paper inserts and they were ready to go. There is very little about the shelves that makes them look like commercial displays. There are two tiny holes in some of the honeycombs and they have a piece of thick clear plastic that holds the honeycomb together, but neither of these things is very noticeable.

You can see the tiny holes in the picture on the right. In the upper right hand corner. You can kind of see the clear plastic block in the first large picture. The honey comb with the black Kid Robot in it, has a little clear block on the top left.

We used heavy duty, double sided foam tape to stick the shelves together, and then supported them on the wall with picture hooks and nails.

I think they look store bought and expensive, but they were completely free. If you think you might want honeycomb shelves, don't be afraid to ask for Foot Lockers displays. They'll go to waste after they're done with them anyway. I got lucky with the extra shelves in the back, but if they don't have extras available, ask them if you can leave your phone number or email so they can contact you when they're done with the display. They might not call, but again, it's worth a try. If I were a manager at a Foot Locker, I would call.


i love...cool kids' toys!

I'm sure I have mentioned many times that I am a complete shopoholic. It's so bad, that when when ask me what I want for my birthday and I say I don't need anything, I really do mean it. I buy things all the time.

When I had my son, this shopping addiction shifted to buying things for him and I lost any control or self restrain I might have had left. What I really love finding and buying for him are cool, modern toys that can almost work as art pieces.

Here are some of my favorites:

I bought this stuffed bear before my son was even born. I love that it's so abstract yet still resembles a bear. I think it's a great way to encourage kids' imaginations.

We have the green and blue set of these nightlights. They are silly shaped and light up when taken off the charging base.I thought they were so awesome looking (they have belly buttons!) that i just had to get them for my son's room. So far, we have not used them as night lights, but do use them as "diaper buddies" when diaper changes become a problem.

These are adorable lunch bags! I actually use it myself sometimes and always get complement from my coworkers about my adorable lunch bag.

We don't have this pull along puppy yet, but I just ordered it! My son is really into dragging things (like my purse or belts) around the house, so I can't wait for him to see this toy.

But, I do have to say that no matter how cool I try to be and no matter how much money I spend on these ultra modern toys, there is one toy that beats out everything else in my son's eyes. It's name is...ELMO!

Happy Monday!
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