saw this here :: Target, Bullseye University

I may be late to the party, but I just saw Target's back to college stuff. They have some really cute home accessories, and almost everything I saw was under $30! I had to restrain myself from buying too much. There was a lot of trendy geometric stuff (triangles, herringbone, chevron, etc), neon, dip dye, and hand drawn.

This is the one thing I did buy. They're plastic dipping bowls and I really didn't need them, but the colors sucked me in! They're only $2 for 2! So, I bought one of each color.

There was so much lamp selection! The lamp below is a little more expensive at $45 but it's my favorite!

There was so much herringbone! As a side note, when I was in elementary school our school uniform jumpers were herringbone (grey herringbone), but I don't remember liking it as much then. haha!

I love the wall clock on the left. It comes in 4 different colors and it's so simple and designy! It's only $7! I think the clocks came in pinkish red, teal, black, and white. I may be missing a color, but I
think that's what I saw. The bamboo trays on the bottom left were only $10 but they looked so much more expensive. I was so close to buying one of these too, but I couldn't think of a reason to get them. Although, they may make really good jewelry holders, or bobby pin holders?

It's been a long time since I found this much at Target. For a while there I wasn't finding anything I liked, but today it was hard to find something I didn't like!


DIY :: end tables

A while back I saw this DIY post on Design Sponge. At the time I was looking for bedside tables for our bedroom and I wasn't having any luck, so I decided to give these a try. This is a very good project for beginners because we didn't need any special tools. We had most of our pieces cut at Home Depot. When you cut the wood, be absolutely sure that the measurements are perfect, because if they're not, your drawer won't open and close properly. We decided to paint our bedside tables a glossy white and leave the drawer natural. The drawer is sealed so that it's waterproof.

Here is an overall picture of the room. We made two bedside tables, so there is one on the others side of the bed also. But, lately I've been wondering if I should use a larger table on the left side of the bed. It would give us more storage space, and It might look better in the space. 


i love ... modern pet accessories

I really hate most pet accessories. It seems like the majority of cat and dog accessories have some kind of paw print on them, or they're a boring tan, brown or army green color. If pet accessories looked more like the ones here, my house would be full of cat stuff. Unfortunately, they are all pretty pricey and I'm hesitant to spend that much when my cats are interested in new things for less than one day. Most of these accessories are made for dogs and cats.

pEi Kitty, $129

This dog and cat bed comes in a few different colors and it's one of my favorites because it seems the most durable. The only thing that needs to be cleaned is the removable pillow. You also have the option of getting different pillows!

I think i'm actually getting this one. It's expensive but it might be worth it. I hate cleaning up all the little nuggets of dry food that my cats kick out when they eat.

left: Pet and Person Rocker by Paul Kweton via Fresh Home | right: Letter Scratching Posts by Catworks €490, via Modern Cat

This rocker is great even if it didn't have a place for your buddy.  Cat scratchers are some of the ugliest pet accessories out there, but this scratcher/hideaway is a piece of furniture you can be proud of. It doesn't even resemble a scratcher!

Hepper Pod Bed Green, $110

I really love this one and I want to get it but I know that the cats will sleep in it for one day, so I've restrained myself so far. This is made for small dogs and cats. The top is removable, which is good because I'm not sure how easily it could be cleaned otherwise.

Bloq by Binq Design, €299 via The Designer Pad

I would really like this as a nightstand. It's a good way to keep your pets nearby without them being in your bed. But at €299, it's not cheap.

Kokon by Creative Push, €249.90 via The Designer Pad

Another piece of furniture that does double duty. I love that this is a cool, modern, geometric planter and a place for your pets!

Wool Cat Bed, $59 Vaiva Nat via Shoe Box Dwelling

And finally the wool cat bed. This one will probably only work for cats since they like getting into small tight spaces. This is a really simple idea, but I think that most cats would love something like this.


DIY :: My owl door stopper gets a coat of paint.

I know this is nothing revolutionary, but spray painting stuff makes me really happy. My latest target was this owl that I had from Cost Plus. You can find it here. I never liked this brown, iron color and I'm always inclined to paint over it. I've had quite a few things in the house that are cast iron and one by one they are all being painted.

So, here's my owl now! It only took one coat and it dried really fast; instant gratification! I'm really happy with the way it turned out.


The perfect necklace

I have been looking for an everyday necklace that I can wear all the time and not have to worry about it getting uncomfortable. I would also love for it to mean something to me. Since I am a fairly new mom, I would love something that represents motherhood or family to me.

I am also really picky, and over analyze everything, so finding this perfect necklace has not been easy. But, I did come across a lot of really great ones. Here are my favorites:

This necklace spells things out in Morse Code, how awesome is that?!

I just love the simplicity of this one!

This one represents a mother and child in a really clean and simple way.

I absolutely love the geometry in this laser cut wood pendant!

Which is your favorite?


freebies :: iPhone template 6

Here is our sixth installment of our iPhone templates. Don't forget to check out our other free templates.

This template fits perfectly in the iLuv case and the Incase case. I'm sure it would fit in other clear cases also, but these are the two cases that we've tested. Enjoy!



It's another Fontastic Friday!

I have seen some really great new fonts lately and just want to share my favorites.

Bombshell Pro:
This has been popping up everywhere lately, and for good reason...it's gorgeous. But then again, any font that Comes from Emily Lime is amazing.

I love the handmade feel of this one. And you guessed it, this amazing font is also from Emily Lime.

Chalkboards are so popular now, so it's good to have a great chalk font. This is my favorite at the moment.

Any other font nerds out there?


saw this here :: Cost Plus

I went to Cost Plus the other day and decided to take pictures of stuff I liked. I like anything owl related so this is the first thing I photographed. It's $24.

These side tables are meant to be outdoor tables, but I think they would be great as an indoor table. They are only $23! The larger coffee table size table, in blue, is a tiny bit more expensive at $47. If I didn't have my colorful CB2 tables (see them in this post) I would have bought these a long time ago. I love the industrial look combined with the bright color! I might still get one as a night stand for the extra bedroom.

I'm sure a lot of people have seen these but every time I'm here, I'm drawn to these. I love the bright colors and all the lamps shade options. The moment I need a table lamp, I'm heading straight to Cost Plus.

I really want one of these giraffes to decorate the front of the fireplace, but they look too delicate to have around cats. This one is already broken. He's missing a horn. This giraffe is $100.

These poufs always catch my eye, but I still haven't bought one. They aren't the color I'm looking for. There is one at Target that I have my eye on, I might have an update on that soon. The pouf is $70. I actually own the owl on the right and I've been thinking about spray painting him. I've never really liked this cast iron look, plus I don't think you can really see the details when he's such a dark color. The door stop owl is $10.


A Little Shelf For Little Stuff

When I saw this shelf by Mokkasin I started thinking about how I would make one of my own. The Mokkasin DIY is made by taking apart a drawer she found at a flea market. That would be the ideal way to go, but I haven't found a drawer like that yet. I decided to attempt to make one myself from scratch, and I have to admit, my impatience really made this project hard for me, and it's far from perfect,  but I'm proud that we finished it.

The toughest part for us was getting very accurate cuts, which is important for a project like this. But if you have a wood shop or even a work bench, and the proper tools, this project will be a breeze. We worked with what we had, which was a hand saw, wood glue and nails. We bought the precut "hobby" wood at Home Depot and then cut pieces from there.

We didn't have a plan when we started, and just made decisions as went along. That was my favorite part of this project, I liked working without a plan. When we finished, the result was a total surprise!

I'm still going to look out for a storage drawer that might work for a project like this. If I happen to find one, I'll update!


freebies :: iPhone template 5

It's that time again! Here is your free printable iPhone template.

This template fits perfectly in the iLuv case and the Incase case. I'm sure it would fit in other clear cases also, but these are the two cases that we've tested.



My Top 5 Most Unique Homes

During the course of my work, I get to see a lot of home tours, and there is nothing I like more than unique features in a home. I love great design, color and decor, but these homes have something more, they have elements that most people can only fantasize about. And 4 out of 5 of these are in Japan! Here are my top five most unique homes.

House with a Slide

This home by LEVEL Architects looks simple from the outside, but the inside has a built in slide that connects all three floors! The home is located in Meguro-ku, Japan. See more about this house at homedsgn.

Buzen Fukuoka House

This home by Suppose Design Office is designed as separate pods under one roof. It is a sort of indoor/outdoor area. The home looks more like a little city, than a house! See more of this house on homedesgn.

The Cube House

The Cube House by Tom and Yumiko of Virant Deign is only 1000 square feet but it doesn't feel like it! There budget was only $150,000! Even though this space is small, it feels open and spacious. I would happily live in 1000 square feet if my house looked like this. This is the only house that's not in Japan. It's located south of Charlottesville, Virginia. See more of this house at Sweet Peach.

House NA

I probably wouldn't live in this house, but it's really cool anyway. All the walls in this house are made of glass and is comprised of 21 individual floor plates. The architects were trying to mimic life in a tree house! I would love to walk through this house. I wonder if it's difficult to distinguish where one floor ends and the other begins... See more at Arch Daily.

Montblanc House

Montblanc House was designed by Okazaki-based Studio Velocity. The unique feature of this house are the pockets of open space throughout the house. I can't stand how pretty the roof terrace is! See more of this house at Design Boom.

Designed by Jackie Ayr