freebies :: iPhone Templates 4

Here is our second monthly installment of printable iPhone templates! See more of our templates here and here.

his template fits perfectly in the iLuv case and the Incase case.


DIY :: Wooden Jewelry

I've been working on these wooden disc necklaces on and off for a while now. I found these wooden washers on Etsy and I wanted to try and make something with them. I have a lot of embroidery floss around from my embroidery projects, here and here, so I made these floss wrapped pendants.

I used Mod Podge glue to secure the string to the wood and then just wrapped from there. When I was done, I ran some glue over the string to make sure it didn't fray or unravel. I also tried to paint a few washers with some sharpies I had around the house. They turned out OK. I think it would have done more of these if I had more colors.

And of course, I had to try my favorite technique, masking and painting with acrylics. No matter the result, masking always makes it look like you know what your doing! I really like these! The only thing they lack, is the texture of the embroidery floss ones.


Goodie bags for grown-ups!

Lately I have been discovering something really cool happening in the online shopping world. These awesome sites are popping up that offer amazing handpicked goodie bags for a small fee.

Check these out, you will love them!

If you love beauty products, then birchbox is the answer to your prayers. Just $10 a month and you get to test out the best beauty and lifestyle products.

If you are a craftster at heart, then you have to check out whimseybox Sample amazing craft and art supplies for only $15.

If you are a designer, you will love lost crates! You can take their quiz to see which "crate" subscription is right for you and then get monthly or quarterly goodie bags sent to you. Some of these are a little pricier, but you get really cool, handpicked stuff. This one is my personal favorite!


affordable art :: more string art

I decided to try making more embroidery/string art.  I didn't follow any specific pattern, I just used trial and error since it's very easy to fix your mistakes.

I used a 5/32 drill bit to make my holes, which was a lot larger than my first attempt. The larger holes are much easier to work with. I could go through the same holes multiple times and I didn't need an upholstery needle. Instead I used some Mod Podge glue on the tip of the string to make it stiff and just strung it though the holes.

I included a picture of the back (below) so you can get and idea of what it looks like. I tied some string to each other to hold them in place. I also made sure to double up the string in the back only, so that the front looked neat.



We bought a Nest Thermostat! Simona posted about it here last week, and we really liked it, so we bought one. We got in mail today and I was really nervous about running into some kind of problem. Nest says it's very easy, but in my experience nothing is as easy as it seems.

Everything about this thermostat is pretty. The packaging, the instructions, the tools, everything! It's amazing what good design can do. I was actually excited about a thermostat!

Isn't that the prettiest screw driver you've ever seen!

I'm happy to report that installing the Nest really was as easy as it seemed. We installed it with no problem at all! Set up was VERY simple, and we got through it without reading any instructions at all. Probably not a good idea, but Jon (my husband) and I are lazy.

Look how neat those wires are! And there is a built in balance so you don't have to get out a laser leveler. We decided to use the optional plate it comes with because we were too lazy to paint and patch. Also, we have those textured walls, that I don't like, so I thought it would take away from the clean pretty Nest if we mounted directly onto the wall.


freebies :: Origami Triangles

Here is another poster that I made for my hallway. I thought I would share it here. The print is 11x14 in, but you can always scale down to print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet.


Saddle is the new black (or gray?)

I love shopping for bags and shoes. A great bag or pair of shoes can really improve your mood and outlook on life - it's true!

Lately, I have been loving all of the things I have been seeing in buttery warm beige (saddle/caramel/honey/cognac) leather (or vegan leather if you prefer). I love this color so much for spring and summer. It's neutral, warm and looks great with everything. And an added bonus - it can be worn with gray! This is coming from someone who has made it a rule to NEVER, and I mean NEVER EVER, mix a warm and cool neutral. But, this color just works and I have been breaking my own rule and loving it!

I just made 2 recent purchases that I am just so absolutely happy about...

1. This amazing fossil handbag:

Why I love it:
It fits a lot! I can wear it with jeans, black pants, a white skirt, anything. I can wear it on my shoulder, across my body, on my forearm, or hold the short straps in my hand. It has a top zipper so things can't fall out and if you only carry a few things, it folds down on itself and looks like a smaller bag than it actually is.

2. These awesome BC sandals:

Why I love them:
They are super comfortable. The leather is soft and sort of shapes to your foot after the first time you wear them. The color is perfect and looks great with my purse. Most sandals will either be too tight in the toe or loose in the ankle (or the other way around) and these just have a great fit.



Lately I've been trying to watercolor. I took a class a long time ago and I really didn't it like it then, because I wasn't good at it. Watercolor is really hard! That and I hated bringing a ton of supplies to class. This is part of the reason why I chose to be a graphic designer instead. It's much neater. But, I'm starting to change my mind and I'm enjoying doing things in real life. This is what I managed to do over the weekend. I'm sure someone who knows how to watercolor properly would find a lot of mistakes, but it's a start.


freebies :: iPhone Templates 3

Happy hump day! Here is something fun and free to get you through the rest of the week.

We also decided to publish 2 posts every month with new iPhone template printables. We just love making patterns, and people just love their iPhones, so it's win win!

Oh and since we both have different designs styles, we will make sure to alternate who designs them. Just remember that these are free for personal use, but cannot be used for commercial purposes.

This template fits perfectly in the iLuv case and the Incase case. I'm sure it would fit in other clear cases also, but these are the two cases that we've tested.

Hope you guys like them!

See our other iPhone templates here and here.



I was playing with some sculpey clay the other day. I was trying to make a cat, but it wasn't working out so I pulled on the "head" so that I could destroy it and start over, and when I did that, I liked the result. So I stuck a tooth pick in the neck (the neck is too thin to stand on it's own) and this is what I got! It's giraffe like, but not exactly a giraffe. I just wanted to share here.


affordable art // super simple embroidery

I found these square pieces of pine at Michaels and bought one. It sat around the house for a while until I decided that I was going to drill some holes in it and try my hand at some super simple embroidery. I divided up the the wood and then used the smallest drill bit I could find. I found some embroidery floss I had around the house and used upholstery needles to thread it through the holes. The embroidery floss was easy to thread through the giant upholstery needle.

This is what I came up with. The beauty of this project is that it's very, very easy to start over or correct any mistakes. Also, when you've never done anything like this before (like me), the results are very unexpected! I think next time I'll definitely add more holes and make the holes larger so that I can pass through the same hole more than twice. I'll post again when I get around to trying that.


These things are genius!

I love Pinterest! It is such a great way to organize your ideas, wishes and wants all in one place. Today I want to dedicate this post to some of the really cool things I found on Pinterest that I probably would never know about otherwise.

The Nest Thermostat

This thing is awesome! It actually starts learning your schedule and adjusts itself to keep you comfortable and lower your bill.

Cell phone lenses

Love that these are so inexpensive yet give you so much. This is perfect for the person who uses their phone as their primary camera (like me!).

Pantone Markers

I love color and Pantone is definitely a place where I get a lot of my inspiration. How fun would these markers be to use?


Okay, these are just awesome and kind of silly! You can grill your sandwich directly in your toaster with them.
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