DIY :: Nail Polish

So the other day while sitting behind my computer at work, I started complaining about how I have been looking everywhere for what I imagine to be the perfect gold glitter nail polish. I want large gold glitter pieces and a lot of clean glossiness so I can achieve that Kate Spade scattered polka dot look. So my coworker says, "Why don't you just make your own?" Why? Um, maybe because I suffer from a little condition called Mommy Brain, which hinders my ability to realize that I can do things other than just go to work and take care of baby. But, OMG, when she spoke those words it was like the clouds parted and my world changed forever. I can make things just for me, or for fun, or just because! Who knew this could even exist in my world?

So the next day on my lunch break I ran to my local craft store to pick up supplies for my first "Project Me Project".

Here is what you need to create the nail polish:
1. Loose glitter
2. Clear nail polish

Steps to create it:
1. Empty out about 1/4 of the nail polish. (I recommend pouring into a paper cup, letting it dry and then throwing it away. Do not pour down the sink!)
2. Start by pouring a little glitter in, putting the top back on the nail polish and rolling it in your hands to spread the glitter out. (Do not shake as you will introduce bubbles.)
3. Test to see if you are getting the desired result and repeat step 2 if needed.

The result:
Here is a picture of my newly created gold glitter polish painted on top of my current favorite (Taunting Teal from Sonia Kashuk). You can also use it without a color underneath for a more natural look.



Updated Chandelier - Lighting

We recently updated our chandelier. It used to have a bronze finish, but I quickly got tired of it, so I decided to paint it glossy white in an attempt to make it more modern. I also added these round little lights instead of the typical chandelier light bulbs. You know, the ones that look like little candle flames?  I figured a good way to update it was to use unique light bulbs. I think the combination of the white glossy paint and the round light bulbs make it a little more modern. Yes?

If I had my way though, I would get an ultra modern light fixture, but they're a little too expensive for the time being. So the update will have to do for now. This is what I have my eye on.

LEFT: Modernica, Lighting     RIGHT: West Elm, Organic Blown Glass Pendant

LEFT: West Elm, Cluster Glass Pendant | RIGHT: Mjolk, Tomiyama Koichi

LEFT: Dylan Design Company, 5 Chunk Modern Pendant Chandelier | RIGHT: CB2, Noir Pendant

The lamp from Dylan Design Company, on the left, is by FAR my favorite, and I want it SO much, but it's a dream. It's $950 and out of my price range. I love the shape of the lamp from CB2 but I wonder how much light it will give off since the shade is black.

LEFT: CoursCalogero, Balloon Lamp | RIGHT: Pani Jurek, Maria S.C. Chandelier

The chandeliers above aren't for sale as far as I can tell, but I LOVE them. The balloon lights by CoursCalogero, on the left, have a chain on the bottom that you pull to turn them on. It doesn't get any more whimsical than that!

The chandelier on the right, by Pani Jurek, is made out of test tubes in a circular plywood band. Seems pretty DIY-able, except I don't know where to find a plywood band. I suppose you can make one yourself with the right tools. I love the idea of changing the colored water whenever you feel like a change. I want one!


DIY :: Fantastic Hairstyles in No Time at All!

I always admire people who have great hairstyles. Not only for the style, but for having the time/patience to create the styles. Lately I have been loving all of the braids that people are wearing. It's a little traditional, a lot hippie, and totally fun. I, being the urban hippie (as I like to call myself), have been trying to figure out how to create some of these styles. But I need to create them in a hyper-speed, you only have 2 seconds for hairstyle and no looking in the mirror while chasing after a crawling 1-year-old mode (he's a crawling pro by the way - a speed crawler).

Anyway, in my search to create the perfect no fuss hairstyle, I came across this girl's youtube videos. She makes them for high school girls (who are probably half my age!) but the videos are easy to understand and follow and give you some great ideas.

Here is one of my favorites:


freebies :: iPhone Templates 2

I made some more printable iPhone templates over the weekend. Feel free to download using the link below. Just remember that these are free for personal use, but cannot be used for commercial purposes.

You can check out our previous post for more printable iPhone case inserts. You can also download a blank eps template, for those of you who use Adobe Illustrator and want to make your own. I made the template to fit this iPhone case by Incase or this case by iLuv. Enjoy!


This is Fontastic!

I love everything about typography. I love finding new fonts, checking out their glyphs and alternates and then playing with them in different layouts. I get super excited when I find new fonts and can't wait to get them so I can start experimenting.

My current favorite fonts are:

Rosarian: I am so sick of the traditional script font. When I saw this one, it felt so fresh and almost had a calming effect. It has a playful feel and makes me long for warm summer days (I know I'm weird).

Archer: When I think of slab serif, I think of thick, bold, demanding. But if you take a look at Archer in the hairline weight, it's light and airy. It allows you to take a breath but still feels like it has a good foundation.

Gotham: This is a fresh, no fuss font. It has clean lines and can be used for anything from a classy wedding invitation to subway signage.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter: This is a fun and silly font. Yes, I do take typography seriously, but there are times we need to just have fun - and this is a fun font!

But you know what's even more exciting than finding amazing new fonts? Finding amazing free fonts!
Here are a couple of great fonts that are free:


Attic Rooms

I really like attic rooms! I watch HGTV a lot and I see a lot of people talking about how much they hate attic rooms. I don't get it! I think they're awesome! Maybe it's because I've never had one and I like the idea of it, but they really aren't that practical in real life. Who knows, but if I had a room like this, I can't imagine not enjoying it. Especially the room below, isn't that beautiful?

via convert lofts gallery

LEFT via digsdigs | RIGHT via miss design

via home desgn

LEFT via stylizmo | RIGHT via Maison

The bedroom on the right is the coziest set up I've ever seen. I love the idea of sleeping with the window open and being bundled up under the covers


affordable art :: tape masking on canvas

I'm normally very impatient with paint. I never really learned to use it properly since 95% of my work is done on the computer. I hate that I have to wait for paint to dry before I can move to the next step and that you can't command z your problems away. But when I saw this painting by The New Domestic, I knew it was something I could handle. It's almost impossible to mess this up. And I love the fact that you can customize the project to work with your home.

This is also the perfect way to get large scale art for a very good price. This canvas is 36" x 48" and I got if for around $30. I had a 50% off coupon.

The DIY is by The New Domestic. The only part I had trouble with was finding 1/4" painters tape. I checked a few home improvement stores like Home Depot, but in the end I found it at a hobby store. I think the tape was meant to mask out lines on miniature cars, but it worked perfectly for this project. You can use thicker tape if you want to, but I think it looks best with thinner lines. I used the same tape and paint that I used on my Foomi Doll. He matches this painting now.

Before I tried the geometric pattern, I tried this circular pattern. I did this one free hand and I had it up for about 5 months before I decided to try an angular approach instead. I freehanded circles with a pencil and then painted in the circles. I didn't add the repeating circles until after the paint had dried. I couldn't paint such thin lines with a paint brush, so I used a water based black sharpie paint pen. That worked out pretty well, and it dried much faster than regular paint.

Each project took about 3 to 4 hours. I love projects that I can finish in one day!

If you're looking for more affordable art, check out my other post.


Oh no! Am I becoming "trendy"?

So I don't usually follow trends. Actually, I try to avoid them and usually bash all the new trends that I see coming out. And because I need to follow upcoming trends as part of my job, I am usually dreading the day I start seeing some of them make it to the general public (ahem...skinny jeans on men).


...recently I have been loving all of the new spring trends that are coming out. Everything is so bright and happy and geometric patterns are making a big statement.Below are some of my favorite things I have been drooling over:

How gorgeous are these color block dresses? Love that they pair neutrals with a bright pop of color!

Fuchsia is a statement color and these pants would make a great one. But I'm also super excited to see it popping up as accents on accessories.

Neons are back, but this year they take a sophisticated twist. Can a person be in love with a dress? I think so!


I love...Black and White Ink

I love black and white ink drawings. I love their sketchy quality and the idea of making art with only a black marker. The patterns and repetition in this kind of art is mesmerizing. The artists manage to create so much depth and detail with repetition alone. I love to draw in this style. Mine aren't nearly as successful, but it's fun to do anyway. Maybe I'll share of few of mine in another post. Here are a few of my favorites from around the web.

Alone Zino - Scaly Ice Scream

Rui Ribeiro - Strucure XYZ

Gizem Vural - HAIRY Zine

Jason Groupp Photography - New York Indian Wedding - Mehndi

R.M. Pheonix - Ink Drawing

NikaQ - House Tully

Rui Ribeiro - Art Print


Patterns are a girl's best friend.

I love fresh and interesting patterns. Actually I'm a little obsessed - just check out my Pinterest patterns board.  I was playing around in illustrator today and came up with 3 new patterns. So, I thought I would share. Feel free to download for personal use. Click here to download.


DIY :: Hide your TV in Plain Sight

We like having a TV in the bedroom. I know a lot of people are against this, but we do almost all of our TV watching in the bedroom. It's just more comfortable. When we first moved in, we had a hard time finding a place for the TV to go. We thought of everything, suspending it from the ceiling, hiding it in the chest at the foot of the bed, hiding in the ceiling, but of course we don't have the funds or knowledge to do any of that stuff.

We decided to attempt to hide the TV in plain sight by adding it to a frame collage. Yes, it still looks like a TV, but at least it blends in a bit and acts like "moving" art. We might try and add a frame around the TV, but neither of us is very handy or patient. So we'll see how that goes.

You'll also notice Kai, our kitty, who makes sure to place himself in all our photos. I swear it seems like he follows the camera.

We attempted to try and hide the wires by adding a little ceramic owl. The owl is sitting on an Apple TV. Obviously this didn't hide the wires that well, but the wires don't bother us too much.

Here is an example of what the TV looks like when the it's on. It looks like art, right? Also, in case you were wondering. The lamp shade is from World Market. 


affordable art :: wrapping paper

I'm always on the look out for affordable art. It's not that I don't think art should be expensive. I'm a graphic designer, so I appreciate the amount of work that goes into making art, but I'm constantly changing my mind about the art I want on my wall. So spending hundreds of dollars doesn't make sense for me.

A few months ago I saw this wrapping paper by Elum and I had to have it. It's way too nice to be wrapping paper, so I decided to frame it. The dimensions weren't right though, I was looking for long thin art to put above the entry table, and the dimensions of the wrapping paper was 22x34 inches. So I decided to get two sheets and splice them together to make a 36 x 12 inch sheet. I cut along one of the trees so the seam is completely invisible. I've also seen this paper available at Whole Foods.

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