I am a party planner extraordinaire!

For the last month (probably more like 6 months) I have been busy planning my sons first birthday party. This is no joking matter, if you are first time mom, remember when your first born was a baby or have a pet you dress up in clothes, you can probably relate.

I started with making a list of what I need to do. First thing first - pick a theme. Easy enough, right? Wrong! I cannot make decisions - ever! Seriously, just ask my mom. I like to way the pros and cons, I analyze, create google docs, export to excel, and make pivot tables. Oh you think I'm joking? I'm not.

Okay so it was between vintage air planes and dinosaurs. After much deliberation, pros and cons and spreadsheets, the theme ended up being "orange and teal".

Long story short, I spend many hours writing lists and researching every website and blog that had anything to do with babies or parties or how to make a pin wheel. The 2 days before the party I spend every waking moment putting decorations together. Because as you know 1 year old babies have a great sense of what an awesome DIY pennant banner should look like, and I did not want to disappoint. It was literally a race to the finish minutes before guests got there, but I did it and it was great! Here are some pictures of the process and the event.


DIY :: Make your own iPhone Case + freebie

I have a problem. I almost immediately get over my iPhone cases, and want new ones, but they're so expensive. Using a clear iPhone case gives me the option of replacing my art every single day if I want!

All you need is a clear iPhone case and a template, but I couldn't find a template online, so I made my own. It fits seamlessly into the Incase Snap Case or the iLuv Sleek Hardshell Case. Just place the art inside of the clear case and there you have it! A new case!

Just remember that these are free for personal use, but cannot be used for commercial purposes.

If you are looking for more printable templates, please see my other post.


Pretty Glass Water Bottles

I've been on the hunt for a glass water bottle. I've had a few plastic ones in the past and they were fine, but they seem to get slimy and water just doesn't taste as good out of plastic. Plus, the whole chemicals leaking into water stuff got me really nervous. On top of being glass, I wanted the bottle to look good, since I take it with me everywhere (it's an accessory), and I wanted it to have some kind of rubber sleeve to prevent it from breaking. Here are my top 3 glass water bottles. Click images for source.

These BKR bottles are beautiful, but the mouth of the bottle is very small. In my opinion that makes it hard to drink out of. They also donate a portion of your purchase to clean water initiatives. They are 16oz and they retail at $28.

"What happens in one part of the earth affects all of it. When you buy a bkr we'll invest a portion in initiatives that combat the global water crisis and bring clean water to people who don't have it."

Takeya also makes some beautiful water bottles. The mouth of the bottle is much larger and they come in four sizes. They range in price from $17.99 - $19.99 and they come in a wide range of colors.

Lifefactory bottles come in a variety colors and styles. They even make sippy cups and baby bottles! They have very wide mouths; it's like drinking out of a cup instead of a bottle.  Their 22oz bottles are $24.99.


Hi, I'm Maria. I like art, design, crafts, patterns, furniture, and anything colorful. I wanted a way to document and talk about the stuff I find, since I can't have it all. Hope you all enjoy this blog as much as Simona and I will.


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