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I think one of the hardest things to shop for is rugs. A lot of them are ugly and the ones that aren't are expensive, or they're not the right size, or they're not the right color, or they're flat weave, etc, etc. I actually really like flat weave, because they're usually more colorful and the patterns are more intricate, but I find them difficult to clean and vacuum. And with two cats who constantly puke up hairballs, they need to be cleaned constantly.

If money wasn't an issue, I wouldn't have any trouble finding a rug. My current favorite is Sonya Winner Rugs. They're everything I want in a rug. They're bold, colorful, graphic, unique and they look soft! I'm not sure how easy they are to clean though...

From Sonya's website:
Sonya Winner creates exceptional rugs that are graphic, vibrant and highly original. Her first rug, The Kaleidoscope, caused a sensation when it first went on sale at The Aram Store in 2006, and was promptly shortlisted for an Elle Decoration award. It has been a favourite with discerning buyers, stylists and celebrities ever since.
I wish I could have one, but with prices ranging from $900 for a small 3'x3'ft all the way to $5000 for a 8' x 9' ft rug, they're way out of my price range.

1 Prism Pastels | 2 After Matisse | 3 Deep Sunset | 4 Rainbow 

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