bedroom update

I just wanted to share my latest room update! I finally bought this duvet from West Elm, that I've been eyeing for over a year. I really love my yellow duvet cover, but I thought that the bed could use a more sophisticated or subdued look since my walls are a fairly bright blue/green color. So I went with my go-to color, gray. Currently the only neutrals I really like are gray and white. I despise tan and I think black is a little too dark, so I always end up at gray. I might be overdoing it, actually, but I love it so much.

I didn't want to end up with chevron again, but it was too nice to pass up. I also considered this swiss dot one, but decided it against it....for now. I might get it in the future. Maybe for Christmas (Mom, are you reading this? I like that swiss dot duvet.)

Aren't these tags great! I love how they're stitched. Behind the flap there are care instructions, etc. When I saw this tag, this photo popped into my head. The mini bed with the big bed in the background. Here is the duvet I was using before.

Anyhow, I think it looks great!


  1. love the rug! and the new duvet :)
    I'm currently doing my room white/grey with some turquoise!

    1. I love that color combination! Grey and turquoise look great together!


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