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My friend just bought a house and was telling me about what she wants to do to her new kitchen. This brought me back to the days of when I first bought my house. It was so exciting and I was so inpired to start whatever project I came up with. (This was before I knew about how much sweat and tears went into each project).

But, I did remember that there are few things that can be done to make a big difference to a space. Changing the knobs on your kitchen cabinets or an old dresser is an instant update that takes very little labor.

Anthropologie is probably my favorite place to look at gorgeous knobs, but they can get pretty pricey (especially if you need a lot). I went searching elsewhere and look what I discovered! You can get pretty much the same thing, for a much lower price!

Love how fresh these glass knobs look! The knob on the left is $8 for one, the knobs on the right are $15.96 for a set of 4!

The lace topped knob is on the left is $10 each, while the one on the right is only 7.98 for a set of 2!

these animal knobs are so fun! The rabbit on the left is $12 for one, the owls on the right are $7.98 each.

I love these colorful knobs. The one of the left is $8 for one, the knobs on the right are $15.96 for a set of 4!

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