a snippet of inspiration :: paper

I took these photos of Paper while I was still in Hong Kong. I noticed this store only because it was really cool. I didn't particularly love the tshirt design, but the way they were presented made me stop and look (and consider buying something.) The shirts looked important! The store was all shiny white with the shirts hanging from the ceiling from bright orange/red cords. To the left they had all their tshirt designs framed on a shelf, so that you can see everything easily.

I didn't ask for any sizes, but I assume you give them your size and the design you want and they get it for you. If I ever have a tshirt store or any kind store front, I'm going to use this place as inspiration! My favorite part was the chandelier of light bulbs. I want something like that for my dining room!


  1. It IS very cool... so orderly and eye-catching. I'm a bit curious as to why it's named Paper.

    1. Yeah, the name confused me too. I thought something got lost in translation, but the sign is made of sheets of paper.


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