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While here in Hong Kong, we were shopping at The One shopping center and came across this store on the 8th floor. When I first saw the name of the store, I thought it was showing the location of the actual lost and found. Like where you go to find things when you lose them, so I was surprised to find this store when I got up there. This whole store was like the apartment section of Urban Outfitters! There were all kinds of unique, fun items and home goods. The lighting and furniture was all very modern, and I probably would have left the store with a lot more if I didn't have to consider the flight home. These are the things I thought were photo worthy.

This particular store was two stores in one. In the back of the store was Homeless. I assume they are the same company, because they were sharing one space. Here are some of my favorites from Homeless. They are mainly photos of unique lighting.

I wish we had stores like this in California. There are plenty of online shops like this, and modern furniture and lighting places, but this has it all in one! I'm sure they exist some where in the U.S. but I don't know of any in the Bay Area. If anyone can think of any, please let me know.

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