i love...my favorite apps

I am addicted to my iPhone! It helps me be organized, keeps me up to date on what is happening in the world, helps me get things done, helps me parent, motivates me to be creative, etc., etc., etc.

Here is a collection of my very favorite apps.

Shopping: Amazon.com mobile app
Why I love this: I can literally make a purchase while stopped at a red light. The flow is super fast and if you already have your credit card info saved, it takes less than 30 seconds to make a purchase.

Camera: Camera genius
Why I love this: Anti-shake, rapid succession and a timer are just a few of the hundreds of features of this amazing app. Added bonus is that it gives you tips on how to be a better photographer.

Family scheduling: Cozi Family Organizer
Why I love this: Great family organizer that links everyone together. Included calendar, shopping lists and to do lists that can be shared of kept private.

To do list:
Why l love this: Designs by Swiss Miss, this is simplicity at its best. Clear and simple to do list interface. Add what you need to do, cross it off when you are done. If you don't finish your tasks move on to the next day. Perfection!

Toddler favorite: Elmo Calls
Why I love this: this has been a life saver on many occasions. Just imagine how exciting it would be to FaceTime with Elmo, or have Elmo call you to sing you a song. Especially useful during grocery shopping trips and airplane rides. 

News: Flipboard
Why I love this: It's a news feed personalized to you! Select what topics are important to you and add any social sites you are a part of. You get to browse through your own custom news feed of only what you are interested in.

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  1. Nice list! I am right there with you when it comes to Amazon and Flipboard! I think I even use them more than my most favorite app Dish Remote Access! Since I travel so much for my job at Dish, I've come to find I'm purchasing more items on Amazon, because of all the downtime I face sitting around in airports and hotel rooms, lol. I've been trying to use Dish Remote Access to watch all of my favorite shows from home instead, but sometimes it doesn't help the slight addiction I might have to shopping! DRA is nice to have though, since I never have to worry about missing my shows just because I'm on the go. :)


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