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I got of bunch of new ideas from this year's Ikea catalog but this is one of my favorite pages. Another affordable art idea! I've seen this done several times with paint chips, but as a set it has a much bigger impact! And why limit yourself to paint chips? This could work with photos, magazines, etc.

Modular art is perfect way to make affordable art, because printing large scale is very expensive, but printing a lot of smaller squares makes it much more affordable and easier to DIY. Most of us don't have large scale printers at home (although I've always wanted one).

I think I've mentioned Ixxi before. This type of modular art would give the same feeling as the Ikea photo above, but you can personalize each square. Ixxi sells their x's and strips as sets, so you can print your own squares, if you prefer, and use the X's to connect them. I love this idea because it means being able to go as big as you want!

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