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Another great way to get art for your walls is to use photos from catalogs like Anthropologie. If you really stop and think about it, a ton of work goes into these catalogs. Every detail is thought out. They work hard to compose and style the perfect photo, so why throw them away! They are the perfect art for your walls and they're free! I decided to highlight Anthropologie's catalog because I love their style. I usually go for their home section but all their photos are pretty amazing. They've got an artsy flair and their products are styled in a creative way. If you run out of room on your walls, why not keep photos you like and swap out pages when you get tired of them.

These aren't printable, but here are all of Anthropologie's catalogs going all the way back to 2004!
My favorite catalog by FAR is this one from November 2010. I used two pages from this catalog and I'm glad I kept the pages I did, but I am still kicking myself to this day for not keeping the rest of it! Here are the pages I'm using right now.

This page is from November 2010 catalog. I think they were nautical holiday ornaments. Cute right?

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