A Little Shelf For Little Stuff

When I saw this shelf by Mokkasin I started thinking about how I would make one of my own. The Mokkasin DIY is made by taking apart a drawer she found at a flea market. That would be the ideal way to go, but I haven't found a drawer like that yet. I decided to attempt to make one myself from scratch, and I have to admit, my impatience really made this project hard for me, and it's far from perfect,  but I'm proud that we finished it.

The toughest part for us was getting very accurate cuts, which is important for a project like this. But if you have a wood shop or even a work bench, and the proper tools, this project will be a breeze. We worked with what we had, which was a hand saw, wood glue and nails. We bought the precut "hobby" wood at Home Depot and then cut pieces from there.

We didn't have a plan when we started, and just made decisions as went along. That was my favorite part of this project, I liked working without a plan. When we finished, the result was a total surprise!

I'm still going to look out for a storage drawer that might work for a project like this. If I happen to find one, I'll update!

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