affordable art // super simple embroidery

I found these square pieces of pine at Michaels and bought one. It sat around the house for a while until I decided that I was going to drill some holes in it and try my hand at some super simple embroidery. I divided up the the wood and then used the smallest drill bit I could find. I found some embroidery floss I had around the house and used upholstery needles to thread it through the holes. The embroidery floss was easy to thread through the giant upholstery needle.

This is what I came up with. The beauty of this project is that it's very, very easy to start over or correct any mistakes. Also, when you've never done anything like this before (like me), the results are very unexpected! I think next time I'll definitely add more holes and make the holes larger so that I can pass through the same hole more than twice. I'll post again when I get around to trying that.

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