Goodie bags for grown-ups!

Lately I have been discovering something really cool happening in the online shopping world. These awesome sites are popping up that offer amazing handpicked goodie bags for a small fee.

Check these out, you will love them!

If you love beauty products, then birchbox is the answer to your prayers. Just $10 a month and you get to test out the best beauty and lifestyle products.

If you are a craftster at heart, then you have to check out whimseybox Sample amazing craft and art supplies for only $15.

If you are a designer, you will love lost crates! You can take their quiz to see which "crate" subscription is right for you and then get monthly or quarterly goodie bags sent to you. Some of these are a little pricier, but you get really cool, handpicked stuff. This one is my personal favorite!

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