The sun is out - let's party!

We are well into Spring and the weather is gorgeous (well...it is here in the bay area). And you know what that means? It's party planning time!

A couple months ago I posted about planning my son's first birthday party. Now I will go into the DIY part of it and show you how to make a really fun pennant banner that can be used for any type of party (or just for fun).

Materials you will need:

  • scrapbook paper or any other somewhat heavier weight colorful paper.
  • colored vellum or any other kind of translucent paper
  • standard hole punch
  • 1/4 - 1/2" ribbon in the color of your choice
  • 1/8 or slightly thicker ribbon in a contrasting color
  • paper cutter, x-acto knife or scissors
  • printer (to print my free template on the back of your paper!)

Let's begin:

  • Print out the template called "banner_back.pdf" on the back of your translucent paper
  • Print out the template called "banner_front.pdf on the back of your colorful paper
  • Cut out the triangles using whatever cutting tool you prefer. (My favorite is the guillotine cutter)
  • Arrange the translucent (larger) triangles behind the smaller triangles and punch 2 holes at each of the top corners. (about 1/2" - 3/4" down)
  • Once you have all of your triangles punched, get out your ribbon.
  • Arrange it so that the thick ribbon sits on top of the thicker one and weave through the holes.
  • Be sure that the ribbons come from the back into the first hole, go over the front of the triangles and then exit out the second hole. This way you can see them on top of each triangle and the become a decorative part of the banner instead of just what's holding it together.
  • Don't forget to use stencils or creative embellishments to add a personal touch to the banner.
  • Hand over a window and the light filtering through the translucent paper will make you banner glow!

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