DIY :: New Legs for our Couch

A few days ago I came across Pretty Pegs. This site has gorgeous replacement legs for Ikea furniture. My favorite is the Aldor in Ash/Mint!

This site got me thinking about how much I hate the legs on my Karlstad. They needed to be spruced up!
Karlstad, Ikea

I've seen quite a few people stain the legs and make them a darker brown, but I kind of like the natural wood color. So I didn't want to repaint the whole thing. I settled on masking out the leg and and painting the bottom portion of the leg a glossy white!

The DIY is pretty straight forward, just mask out the legs, give it a coat of primer and then paint. Here are a few pictures.

Now the legs match our little white table from West Elm. It's a small update, but I think it gives the legs some interest.

The legs from Pretty Pegs are still much better. But these will do for now.


  1. amazing what a little paint can do.

    makes the room pop...

    ah. your home is my dream land.


    angie brian.

  2. I have the karlstad chair and ottoman (with same cover you have) and was just pondering an hour ago painting the legs dark. Then I saw this on dwelling gawker! Love it! Thanks for the new inspiration :)

  3. The new look is great, but I have to say on my first quick scroll through without reading the text (guilty!) I thought you were going for an ombre leg look. :D Now there's an idea for your next project, haha.

  4. showed up looking for karlstad leg inspriation, and fell in love with your nested couch table set! Where did you get those pretties?

    1. Hi Jason! They're called the Pablo Side Tables ($130), but I don' think CB2 is selling them right now. :( http://reviews.cb2.com/7259/5949/pablo-side-table-set-of-three-reviews/reviews.htm

      Hopefully they bring them back or at least sell something similar. They are selling these! They're more like a coffee table, but they're just as pretty!



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