I didn't believe that you could take good photos with an iPhone, but I've changed my mind. In the past, I used my phone to take pictures only when I was forced to, but recently I discovered that you really can take great photos with a phone. I use Camera Genius to take my photos and Tilt Shift Generator or Photogene to edit them. Taking pictures with a phone gives me a different perspective on my photography. Things that would look pretty average as a normal photo, look a lot more interesting once you pump up the color saturation. But keep in mind, that a bad photo will never look good, no matter what you do to it. Trust me, I've tried it.

I've read a few posts from professional photographers and many of them hate filters. They feel that people use them to hide bad photography, and in some cases, I agree. So for a long time I avoided filters all together, but lately I'm falling victim to the trend. In this post by Natalie Norton, she discusses how you should never have to post process your photos. This upsets me since I always have to do a little post processing. It might be because I prefer contrasty saturated photos, but I wish I liked my photos straight out of the camera. I always feel the need to make my photos more graphic.

And here is the opposite perspective. John Curley is a professional photographer who loves to use his iPhone for his photography. In this interview he explains that he enjoys the unexpected results you get from running photos through different apps and how difficult the process is to reproduce. He also gives a list of apps that he likes to use to process his photos. In the end of the interview he says "the best camera you have is the one you have with you." I love that! 

Anyhow, here are some of my favorite iPhone photos. (the plate is from cb2)

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