This is Fontastic!

I love everything about typography. I love finding new fonts, checking out their glyphs and alternates and then playing with them in different layouts. I get super excited when I find new fonts and can't wait to get them so I can start experimenting.

My current favorite fonts are:

Rosarian: I am so sick of the traditional script font. When I saw this one, it felt so fresh and almost had a calming effect. It has a playful feel and makes me long for warm summer days (I know I'm weird).

Archer: When I think of slab serif, I think of thick, bold, demanding. But if you take a look at Archer in the hairline weight, it's light and airy. It allows you to take a breath but still feels like it has a good foundation.

Gotham: This is a fresh, no fuss font. It has clean lines and can be used for anything from a classy wedding invitation to subway signage.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter: This is a fun and silly font. Yes, I do take typography seriously, but there are times we need to just have fun - and this is a fun font!

But you know what's even more exciting than finding amazing new fonts? Finding amazing free fonts!
Here are a couple of great fonts that are free:

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  1. I can't stop staring at Archer Hairline! It's so damn pretty!


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