Oh no! Am I becoming "trendy"?

So I don't usually follow trends. Actually, I try to avoid them and usually bash all the new trends that I see coming out. And because I need to follow upcoming trends as part of my job, I am usually dreading the day I start seeing some of them make it to the general public (ahem...skinny jeans on men).


...recently I have been loving all of the new spring trends that are coming out. Everything is so bright and happy and geometric patterns are making a big statement.Below are some of my favorite things I have been drooling over:

How gorgeous are these color block dresses? Love that they pair neutrals with a bright pop of color!

Fuchsia is a statement color and these pants would make a great one. But I'm also super excited to see it popping up as accents on accessories.

Neons are back, but this year they take a sophisticated twist. Can a person be in love with a dress? I think so!

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