DIY :: Fantastic Hairstyles in No Time at All!

I always admire people who have great hairstyles. Not only for the style, but for having the time/patience to create the styles. Lately I have been loving all of the braids that people are wearing. It's a little traditional, a lot hippie, and totally fun. I, being the urban hippie (as I like to call myself), have been trying to figure out how to create some of these styles. But I need to create them in a hyper-speed, you only have 2 seconds for hairstyle and no looking in the mirror while chasing after a crawling 1-year-old mode (he's a crawling pro by the way - a speed crawler).

Anyway, in my search to create the perfect no fuss hairstyle, I came across this girl's youtube videos. She makes them for high school girls (who are probably half my age!) but the videos are easy to understand and follow and give you some great ideas.

Here is one of my favorites:

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