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So the other day while sitting behind my computer at work, I started complaining about how I have been looking everywhere for what I imagine to be the perfect gold glitter nail polish. I want large gold glitter pieces and a lot of clean glossiness so I can achieve that Kate Spade scattered polka dot look. So my coworker says, "Why don't you just make your own?" Why? Um, maybe because I suffer from a little condition called Mommy Brain, which hinders my ability to realize that I can do things other than just go to work and take care of baby. But, OMG, when she spoke those words it was like the clouds parted and my world changed forever. I can make things just for me, or for fun, or just because! Who knew this could even exist in my world?

So the next day on my lunch break I ran to my local craft store to pick up supplies for my first "Project Me Project".

Here is what you need to create the nail polish:
1. Loose glitter
2. Clear nail polish

Steps to create it:
1. Empty out about 1/4 of the nail polish. (I recommend pouring into a paper cup, letting it dry and then throwing it away. Do not pour down the sink!)
2. Start by pouring a little glitter in, putting the top back on the nail polish and rolling it in your hands to spread the glitter out. (Do not shake as you will introduce bubbles.)
3. Test to see if you are getting the desired result and repeat step 2 if needed.

The result:
Here is a picture of my newly created gold glitter polish painted on top of my current favorite (Taunting Teal from Sonia Kashuk). You can also use it without a color underneath for a more natural look.


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