DIY :: Kid Robot

I have had  Mini Foomi doll sitting around the house for a while now. I decided to paint it tonight.

I had originally planned to to just spill yellow paint on it and let the paint naturally drip down. It looked good, but I had doubts about whether or not the paint would dry. It was very, very thick.
So I washed it off and decided to try the oposite approach. Instead of an organic shape, I went with geometric shapes. Since I don't paint that neatly I masked out areas on my Foomi and painted from there. The only supplies I used were tape, acrylic paint, and clear varnish.

This is the final product. I've made a few mistakes in there, but luckily these little guys aren't expensive. So I'll probably take another stab at it eventually.


  1. Try the drip technique with melted crayon.. it will dry, or candle wax. Love it though!

    1. That's a good idea! Crayons would have been the way to go. I'll try that on the next Kid Robot Doll.


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