I love...Black and White Ink

I love black and white ink drawings. I love their sketchy quality and the idea of making art with only a black marker. The patterns and repetition in this kind of art is mesmerizing. The artists manage to create so much depth and detail with repetition alone. I love to draw in this style. Mine aren't nearly as successful, but it's fun to do anyway. Maybe I'll share of few of mine in another post. Here are a few of my favorites from around the web.

Alone Zino - Scaly Ice Scream

Rui Ribeiro - Strucure XYZ

Gizem Vural - HAIRY Zine

Jason Groupp Photography - New York Indian Wedding - Mehndi

R.M. Pheonix - Ink Drawing

NikaQ - House Tully

Rui Ribeiro - Art Print

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