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I'm always on the look out for affordable art. It's not that I don't think art should be expensive. I'm a graphic designer, so I appreciate the amount of work that goes into making art, but I'm constantly changing my mind about the art I want on my wall. So spending hundreds of dollars doesn't make sense for me.

A few months ago I saw this wrapping paper by Elum and I had to have it. It's way too nice to be wrapping paper, so I decided to frame it. The dimensions weren't right though, I was looking for long thin art to put above the entry table, and the dimensions of the wrapping paper was 22x34 inches. So I decided to get two sheets and splice them together to make a 36 x 12 inch sheet. I cut along one of the trees so the seam is completely invisible. I've also seen this paper available at Whole Foods.

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