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I'm normally very impatient with paint. I never really learned to use it properly since 95% of my work is done on the computer. I hate that I have to wait for paint to dry before I can move to the next step and that you can't command z your problems away. But when I saw this painting by The New Domestic, I knew it was something I could handle. It's almost impossible to mess this up. And I love the fact that you can customize the project to work with your home.

This is also the perfect way to get large scale art for a very good price. This canvas is 36" x 48" and I got if for around $30. I had a 50% off coupon.

The DIY is by The New Domestic. The only part I had trouble with was finding 1/4" painters tape. I checked a few home improvement stores like Home Depot, but in the end I found it at a hobby store. I think the tape was meant to mask out lines on miniature cars, but it worked perfectly for this project. You can use thicker tape if you want to, but I think it looks best with thinner lines. I used the same tape and paint that I used on my Foomi Doll. He matches this painting now.

Before I tried the geometric pattern, I tried this circular pattern. I did this one free hand and I had it up for about 5 months before I decided to try an angular approach instead. I freehanded circles with a pencil and then painted in the circles. I didn't add the repeating circles until after the paint had dried. I couldn't paint such thin lines with a paint brush, so I used a water based black sharpie paint pen. That worked out pretty well, and it dried much faster than regular paint.

Each project took about 3 to 4 hours. I love projects that I can finish in one day!

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